As your impressions arrive daily at our facility

inspection, pourtion & then articulation 

Any questions regarding the quality of your impressions and models, or the turnaround time is relayed to you immediately. All dental impressions/models are packaged and delivered the same day to the corresponding TNT Station to be shipped to our off-shore laboratory.
6 business days (not include weekend or holidays) turnaround is required for most cases.

You are free to contact us anytime to inquire the progress of your cases. We are happy to accept digital files from all the major digital impression companies. We welcome the opportunity to take care of your digital needs, to find out more about integration with digital impressions please contact us anytime.

All cases are digitally designed and if you have a machine compatible with ours simply send your STL file to today and we will send your finished product in 3 business day!!

As a promise to our customers, we deliver the best quality products and services. Our goal is to provide the extra help you need to expand your business at reasonable costs. The bottom line is your success is our success!